20+ Samosa Puns and Jokes for Instagram that Will Have You Filling Great

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In need of the perfect samosa pun to finish off an Instagram caption, cute greeting card or message?

If you’re new here, this is a blog about dumplings from all around the world, an obsession of mine. Another obsession of mine? A good play on words. 

Unsurprisingly them, I’ve assembled a big list of samosa puns for you right here.

I’ve already written lists full of pierogi puns, ravioli puns, gnocchi punsdim sum punsdumpling puns, and bao puns. Now it’s time for some samosa puns… I hope you like them!

Fun Samosa Puns for Instagram Captions

Let’s start with simple punny samosa Instagram captions. Whether you need the perfect caption to go with homemade samosas or some samosas from a restaurant, these caption ideas have you covered.

Fresh samosas have me Filling real good.

Will never drop this samosa cuz I don’t wanna hurt its fillings.

Didn’t mean to catch Fillings today, but then these samosas came along…

Chut-needed this today. 

How am I Samosa know?

Wanted to resist samosas today but I couldn’t keep my mouth Chut…… ney.

Chut up and enjoy some samosas.

I’ve got a Chutney’d for speed.

Felt hungry and now Samosa-ddenly, here I am.

Samosa the time I don’t eat deep fried foods, but for these I make an exception.

Yeah I’m pretty wholesome. I can fit a wholesome… osa in my mouth.

Cute Samosa Puns to Send to Someone Special

In need of a cute samosa pun for the special someone in your life? Whether you need samosa puns for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, crush, or bestie, these are perfect ideas that they’ll love samosa-rtainly.

I’ve got Fillings for you.

You’ve got me Filling some type of way.

I’ve always had a good Filling about you.

You are Samosa-ch a catch.

I love you the Sa-mosta.

So happy I’ve gotten to know samos-ya.

You and I are Samosa be together!

Samosa Jokes

Why can’t you drop a samosa?
You’ll hurt its Fillings.

Why couldn’t the Samosa run?
He had a chut-knee injury.

Did you hear the mystery about the saucy samosa that fell on the ground?
… It was actually an Open Chut case.

Did we miss any of your favorite samosa puns?

Let us know in the comments!

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