Welcome to A Dumpling Thing!

This site was started in 2020 by a reckless home chef haunted by dumpling cravings, random pangs of homesickness, and a lot more time at home (#quarantine2020, baby!).

Hi – I’m Christina and I’m that reckless home chef. I’m a full-time travel blogger who (growing up in a Chinese-Canadian household) quickly developed an obsession with dumplings. My parents owned a Chinese restaurant growing up, so trust me when I say I have been eating dumplings pretty much since birth.

This is why I do not, and have never, had abs.

Fast forward to my early 20s, and I found myself halfway across the world in Germany… a place where my favourite treats were worlds away. So, through replaying WeChat messages from my parents and endless tutorials on YouTube, I started learning how to make my favourite treats at home, and the more I perfected my craft, the more I realized delicious dumplings made my boyfriend less likely to leave me.


As a certified dumpling fangirl, I created this site to document my misadventures in the kitchen, share my best recipes, and motivate you to explore the world through dumplings. After all, the world is filled with amazing dumplings, from gyoza and jiaozi to gnocchi, knödel, and everything in between.

So that’s why I’m making it my business to sample, snack & recreate them all.

I hope you’re excited to join me! Thanks for being here, and I hope you enjoy snooping around.