50+ Dumpling Puns and Jokes for Instagram Captions That’ll Have You Filling Good

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Dumplings are a lot of fun to make and eat, but do you know what makes enjoying them infinitely better?

… Some good dumpling puns and jokes to go alongside them. Just like a good dumpling side dish!

Whether you need the perfect dumpling pun for an Instagram caption or a cute punny dumpling message to send to a loved one, I’ve gone full dumpling nerd and created some for you. 

Below, you’ll find a Bao-ntiful selection of dumpling puns and jokes for all your Instagram, greeting card, and messaging needs. Enjoy!

Fun Dumpling Puns for Instagram Captions 

Whether to use as a caption for homemade dumplings, restaurant dumplings, or whatever else, you might need a cute dumpling pun to add to your Instagram captions. Well, here are some clever dumpling caption ideas that all your friends will definitely be talking a Bao.

Let’s give them Dumpling to talk a Bao.

I have Dumpling to confess… I ate these all by myself.

Catching Fillings over here…

Down in the dumps.

Takin’ a dump…… ling.

Getting dump’d never tasted so good.

Just call me Humpty Dumpling because I’m not getting up after this… maybe ever.

When dumplings are involved, let’s just say I have a Wonton disregard for calories.

My favorite wrapper? Definitely dumpling.

Dumplings can sometimes get a bad wrap, but they’re still my favorite food.

Just demolished all these dumplings… now, that’s a wrap!

I have a Filling I might need more dumplings after this.

If you liked it then you should put a Dumpling on it.

One Dumpling to rule them all…

I had a feeling Dumpling was up…

I’m Filling good.

Decided to treat myself to Dumpling delicious.

Dumpling Puns for Different Dumpling Types

There are all sorts of tasty dumplings around the world, so we needed to create some excellent puns for them to.

Here are some specialized puns for specific dumpling types from that list, and if you’d like to see more dumpling puns for a different kind of dumpling, then let us know your requests in the comments!


  • Here we Gyoza again 
  • I’ll never let you Gyoza


  • I bao down to these dumplings
  • Let’s give them something to talk a Bao
  • It’s a Bao time
  • For more, check out our full list of Bao Puns


  • I’ve been Wonton this a long time
  • This experience is Wonton a million

Siu Mai:

  • Siu Mai-ch love!
  • These are Siu Mai type

Ha Gao:

  • Can’t let Gao of these
  • I said hey, what’s Gao-ing on?


  • This is my Pierogi-tive 
  • I don’t know ballet but I do love a good Pierogi-ette 


  • Gnocchi, gnocchi – who’s there?
  • Never say no when a good opportunity Gnocchis on your door

Xiao Long Bao:

  • These dumplings are soup-er 
Photo by Jae Park on Unsplash

Cute Dumpling Puns to Send Someone Special

Want to confess your Fillings to that special someone in your life? Whether you’re looking for cute dumpling puns to send your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, crush, best friend, or whoever else, here are some adorable options.

I have to admit I have fillings for you.

Dang, didn’t mean to catch fillings but here we are.

You give me Dumpling to be thankful for.

I have to tell you Dumpling… I have Fillings for you.

I like you Siu Mai-ch.

Hey baby, I could never let you Gyoza.

I could never let you Gao!

Liking you is my Pierogi-tive.

You are so Bao-tiful to me.

Hey Bao-tiful, wanna go get dumplings?

I was so down in the Dumplings until I met you. 

I’ve always had a good Filling about you.

Adorable Dumpling Jokes

Last but not least, here are some cheesy dad jokes about dumplings that we’re sure your loved ones will appreciate (or at least roll their eyes to).

Why did the prawn dumpling run away?
He Ha to Gao.

How much do 1000kg of dumplings weigh?

Why did the Japanese dumpling run off?
He had to Gyoza.

Why couldn’t the Italian dumpling enter the restaurant?
He had Gnocchi.

What are dumplings’ favorite genre of music?

What kind of musician do dumplings like best?

Why did the dumpling need to go to therapy?
He wanted to discuss his Fillings.

Why did the dumpling chef go to therapy?
He had Dumpling he needed to discuss. 

Wha are you supposed to do when you meet a famous dumpling chef?
You Bao.

Did we miss any of your favourite Dumpling Puns?

Let us know in the comments!

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