What to Serve with Gnocchi: 30 Tasty Sides to Try!

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Gnocchi are tender little cloud-like puffs of pasta that I consider among the world’s tastiest dumplings.

This Italian classic is soft, pillowy, and perfect, with an infinite number of possibilities, whether you’re making homemade gnocchi from scratch or simply rocking with tasty store-bought options.

But have you ever wondered what to serve with gnocchi?

I’m not just talking about gnocchi sauces here, I’m talking about tasty side dishes to accompany your pillowy pockets of perfection.

Well, if you’re a bit lost with what to serve with your gnocchi, I’ve asked some food blogger friends of mine to help you out. Below, you’ll find a list of great side dish recipe ideas that pair well with gnocchi, from salads and veggies to delicious homemade bread.

I hope this helps you Gnocchi your meal out of the park. Now, enough with the gnocchi puns… let’s go!

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First: How Gnocchi is Eaten in Italy

Below, you’ll find tons of recipe ideas for potential gnocchi side dishes like salads, veggies, etc.

But if you want to eat your gnocchi as they do in Italy, then you might want to consider structuring your meal a bit differently.

In Italy, gnocchi is traditionally considered a “primo piatto”, a light, starchy course (e.g. pasta) that follows antipasto, but precedes a “secondo piatto”, which is usually a protein-based main course like fish or beef.

Gnocchi is also sometimes used as a side dish (or contorno) to pair with a secondo piatto.

So, if you were following the typical anatomy of an Italian meal, you might consider structuring your meal like this:

  • Antipasto: Appetizers/nibbles often enjoyed with a cocktail to “awaken the appetite” e.g. Bruschetta or assorted meats/cheeses
  • Primo Piatto: A lighter carbier course e.g. pasta or gnocchi
  • Secondo Piatto: A protein-based main dish e.g. fish or beef
  • Dolce: Dessert e.g. Tiramisu
Photo by Calum Lewis on Unsplash

Of course, these days, gnocchi is eaten in all sorts of different ways, and often as the main star of the meal too. After all, as much as we’d like to believe that Italians eat a full 4 course meal for every single meal, that’s not actually the case.

Plus, gnocchi has made its way into the dinner menus of people all around the world! So it’s really not uncommon to pair your main dish (gnocchi) with side dishes like vegetables and salads.

So, if you’re looking for delicious ideas on what to serve with your gnocchi, even if they’re not necessarily the most traditional or authentically Italian gnocchi sides, here are some ideas for you!

Salads and Vegetable Sides To Make with Gnocchi

From green veggies to blistered tomatoes, you will love these side dishes when deciding what to serve gnocchi with.

1. Skillet Asparagus

This 10-minute, no frills skillet asparagus recipe is easy and healthy and makes a great light gnocchi side dish.

Click here to get the recipe from Bomb Veg.

Photo via Bomb Veg

2. Simple Roasted Eggplant

Caramelized and tender, but not mushy, roasted eggplant is flavorful and easy to make side dish that is low carb and perfect for serving with gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from The Forked Spoon.

3. Thai Cucumber Salad

Looking for a refreshing and crisp side dish to pair with gnocchi that will turn your meal into a bit of cross-cultural fusion?

This Thai Cucumber Salad is light, refreshing and full of flavor without a ton of ingredients. It’s the perfect side dish to make with gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from Momma Lew.

Photo via Momma Lew

4. Garlic Butter Green Beans

Sauteed green beans tossed in delicious garlic butter and parmesan for an easy-to-make side dish to serve gnocchi with.

Click here to get the recipe from Maple & Mango.

Photo via Maple + Mango

5. Florida Three Pepper Salad

This simple, raw pepper salad is fresh and flavorful. It’s low in calories, high in fiber and high in vitamin c making it a healthy side dish option.

Click here to get the recipe from Mom Junky.

Photo via Mom Junky

6. Crispy Air Fryer Brussels Sprouts

Parmesan Air Fryer Brussels sprouts are crispy, savory, and absolutely delicious! These Brussels sprouts are also a keto-friendly and low carb side dish.

Click here to get the recipe from How 2 Do Keto.

Photo via How 2 Do Keto

7. Ginger Ale Glazed Carrots

This tender and sweet carrot side dish is made with a surprising ingredient – ginger ale! These carrots will be your new favorite side dish.

Click here to get the recipe from The Soccer Mom Blog.

8. Arugula Avocado Salad

The avocado in this salad pairs extremely well with the bold taste and spicy kick the arugula has to offer. Fresh juicy tomatoes and a homemade lime vinaigrette top off this salad to finish it off strong and it goes with just about anything.

Click here to get the recipe from The Six Figured Dish.

9. Italian Vegetables

Served alongside any of your favorite dinner entrees like pasta or gnocchi, Italian Vegetables are seasoned and oven-roasted to perfection. Italian Roasted Vegetables are rustic, simple and so beautiful to serve!

Click here to get the recipe from Julie Blanner.

Photo via Julie Blanner

10. Broccoli Pea Salad

Broccoli, snow peas, radishes, and green onions come together for a healthy and scrumptious side dish salad that you can serve with gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from Where is My Spoon.

11. Asparagus Radish Salad

Blanched asparagus paired with crunchy radishes, creamy avocado, chewy baby spinach, tart chives and creamy honey-mustard dressing for a perfect spring salad that everyone will love!

Click here to get the recipe from Happy Kitchen.

Photo via Happy Kitchen

12. Classic Caesar Salad

This lightened-up version of a classic Caesar salad is the quintessential Italian side dish. Serve this with gnocchi covered in a tasty sauce and a nice crusty bread.

Click here to get the recipe from Chef Margot.

Photo via Chef Margot

13. Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts

Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts tossed with lemon juice, Parmesan cheese, and garlic. A quick and easy side dish that can be made in less than 30 minutes.

Click here to get the recipe from Chef Savvy.

Photo via Chef Savvy

14. Easy Fruit Salad

For a light and refreshing dessert after serving a heavy gnocchi-based meal, consider throwing together a fruit salad!

This quick-prep fruit salad uses canned fruit like pineapple, pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, and cherries as well as fresh grapes and bananas.

Click here to get the recipe from Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt.

15. Classic Wedge Salad

This classic wedge salad is a perfect accompaniment to gnocchi. There’s definitely a reason it’s a classic. The creamy blue cheese dressing pairs so well with the acidic tomatoes and rich bacon.

Click here to get the recipe from A Food Lovers Kitchen.

16. Instant Pot Steamed Broccoli

Instant pot steamed broccoli is a healthy and easy recipe that comes out perfect every time. In just a few minutes fresh broccoli is cooked and ready to enjoy with a heaping plate of tender gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from The Short Order Cook.   

17. Green Beans in Tomato Sauce

A side dish that can be made all year round using in season fresh green beans or from frozen beans. This simple dish is smothered in a thick and rich tomato and garlic sauce and is perfect with gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from Recipe Pocket.

Photo via Recipe Pocket

18. Crunchy Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

This broccoli cauliflower salad is crunchy, super nutritious, and packed with flavor! It’s a crave-worthy salad that’s easy to prep ahead, too.

Click here to get the recipe from Fannetastic Food.

19. Tomato Peach Caprese Salad

Tomato Peach Caprese Salad is a delicious summertime salad full of vibrant flavors and refreshing taste. This classic Italian salad recipe is so easy to make at home.

Click here to get the recipe from Profusion Curry.

Photo via Profusion Curry

20. Roasted Broccolini

A simply refreshing way to bring some flavor to roasted broccolini. An easy and delicious vegetable side dish, to complement tender gnocchi, with loads of fresh herbs, lemon, and garlic.

Click here to get the recipe from Strength & Sunshine.

21. Celery Salad with Parmesan

This unique salad is crunchy, refreshing and guaranteed to be delicious. It pairs well with a heavier main dish like gnocchi because it’s so light and refreshing.

Click here to get the recipe from Saporito Kitchen.

Tasty Bread to Eat with Gnocchi

What do you serve with gnocchi? I can’t imagine serving any Italian dish without some kind of bread. Bread and pasta seem to go hand in hand.

22. Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta is crusty bread that is tender and chewy on the inside. It tastes so amazing when warm and homemade.  Making homemade authentic ciabatta bread by hand is easier and more delicious than you can imagine.

Click here to get the recipe from The Short Order Cook.

23. Gluten-Free Sourdough Garlic Bread

What gnocchi dinner is complete without some garlic bread? This Gluten-Free Sourdough Garlic Bread is a delicious, vegan, and top-8 allergy-free twist on the Italian classic. Using gluten-free sourdough buns, these garlicky delights are ready in 10 minutes!

Click here to get the recipe from Strength & Sunshine.

24. Homemade French Bread

This homemade French bread recipe is easy to make with only 6 ingredients and is so much better than store-bought. 

Click here to get the recipe from Joy Food Sunshine.

25. No-Knead Rosemary Bread

This No-Knead Rosemary Bread is so easy to make and tastes just like artisan bread from a bakery. Your house will smell amazing and you will have fresh bread that is delicious to go with gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from Emily Fabulous.

Photo via Emily Fabulous

26. Tomato Rosemary Focaccia Bread

With its olive oil and cheese infusion, fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic, and a sprinkle of sea salt- this focaccia bread makes the perfect accompaniment to a hearty dish of gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from Cambrea Bakes.

Photo via Cambrea Bakes

27. Grape and Goat Cheese Crostini

This grape and goat cheese crostini is one of the tastiest goat cheese appetizers out there. It’s a sweet and tasty side to serve along with savory gnocchi.

Click here to get the recipe from Amy Gorin.

Photo via Amy Gorin

28. Garlic Bread

This Garlic Bread Recipe is the absolute best and is so quick and easy to make. No surprises here, but this it is dowsed in lots of garlic oregano butter. 

Click here to get the recipe from Bites with Bri.

Photo via Bites with Bri

29. Herby Buttermilk Biscuits

These herb buttermilk biscuits are flaky, buttery, and have so many layers! Everything you look for in homemade biscuits made slightly healthier and ultra-herbier.

Click here to get the recipe from Amanda’s Cookin.

30. Caramelized Onion Cranberry Bruschetta

Caramelized Onion Cranberry Bruschetta is the perfect balance of sweet, savory and a little bit tart! Made on a gluten free baguette, smothered with vegan cream cheese then topped with the caramelized onions and cranberry sauce. Drizzled with balsamic, this Caramelized Onion Cranberry crostini will be your new favorite!

Click here to get the recipe from Chelsea Peachtree.

What do you serve with gnocchi?

Tell us in the comments!

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